• Name: LED light bulbs
        • Model: WLD-003

        Application Range:
        Compact electronic lighting is a novel energy-saving and eco-friendly lighting source, combining a constant current electronic switch and a high-power LED, which is widely applied to household, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, stair light, corridor night light, or other similar places.
        1. Novel compact LED lighting.
        2. Novel eco-friendly lighting source: instead of conventional incandescent lamp and fluorescent energy-saving bulb.
        3. High lighting effect, energy saving, no mercury, no stroboflash and long service life.
        4. The power consumption at same lighting effect is 10% that of incandescent lamp and 50% that of fluorescent light.
        5. Applicable to the places to start frequently or uneasy to change the bulb, and to long-term lighting (only 1.5 W).
        Technical Parameters:
        1. Supply voltage: 100V~250V,50/60Hz.
        2. Input current: 0.06A
        3. Lamp holder: E27
        4. Service life: up to 50,000 hours.
        5. Luminous flux: 500LM.
        6. Color temperature: 5000K~7000K.
        7. Ambient temperature: -10℃~45℃

        Product Name Model L or H Light Source Light Source
        Battery Capacity, Number Continuous use time Charging Time Packing Number Packing Box Dimensions GW
        LED Bulb
        001 125mm Straw hat type LED 7Lm/20mA ------ ------ ------ ------ 60psc/ctn 45x38x31cm 11Kg
         001-3W 108mm  5630 LED   ------  ------  ------ ------  ------  100pcs/ctn 33.1x27.8x25.3cm  5Kg 
         002-4W  121mm  5630 LED ------  ------  ------   ------  ------  100pcs/ctn  39x32.8x27.9cm  7Kg
        002 115mm Straw hat type LED 7Lm/20mA ------ ------ ------ ------ 60psc/ctn 45x38x29cm 10Kg
        003 163mm Big-chip LED ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ 60psc/ctn 45x38x39cm 12Kg
        033RC 160mm Big-chip LED 100Lm/W 2/3AA Ni-CAD 800mAh 5 D 1.5 h 10 h 60psc/ctn 45x38x38cm 17Kg
        034RC 165mm Straw hat type LED 7Lm/20mA 2/3AA Ni-CAD 800mAh 5 D 3 h 10 h 60psc/ctn 45x38x39cm 17Kg
        035 167mm Straw hat type LED 7Lm/20mA 2/3AA Ni-CAD 800mAh 5 D 2.5 h 16 h 60psc/ctn 45x38x40cm 16Kg