• Name: LED light bulbs
        • Model: WLD-002-4W(white and yellow)

        Application Range:
        Compact electronic lighting is a novel energy-saving and eco-friendly lighting source, combining a constant current electronic switch and a high-power LED, which is widely applied to household, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, stair light, corridor night light, or other similar places.
        1. New generation intensive LED lighting bult. No glare,no shadow,wed-distributed light. .
        2. New generation environmental-protection light-source. Take place of eeectric incandescent lampand fluorescent lamp.
        3. High effect, energy saving, no mercury, no stroboflash and long service life.
        4. Same lighting effciency,energy consumption only 10% of incandescent lamp,50% fluorescent lamp.
        5. Sutable to place to turn on frequently, Change bult difficultly, and light for a long period.
        Technical Parameters:
        1. Supply voltage: 100V~240V,50/60Hz.
        2. Input current: 0.01A power: 4W
        3. Lamp holder: E-27.
        4. Service life: up to 30,000 hours.
        5. Luminous flux: 300LM.
        6. Ambient temperature: -15℃~45℃
        7. Product Size:*60*121mm
        8. Transcalent PA: Heat-radiation technology
        9. Glass Cover: Never agerng 

        Product Name Model L or H Light Source Light Source
        Battery Capacity, Number Continuous use time Charging Time Packing Number Packing Box Dimensions GW
        LED Bulb
        001 125mm Straw hat type LED 7Lm/20mA ------ ------ ------ ------ 60psc/ctn 45x38x31cm 11Kg
         001-3W 108mm  5630 LED   ------  ------  ------ ------  ------  100pcs/ctn 33.1x27.8x25.3cm  5Kg 
         002-4W  121mm  5630 LED ------  ------  ------   ------  ------  100pcs/ctn  39x32.8x27.9cm  7Kg
        002 115mm Straw hat type LED 7Lm/20mA ------ ------ ------ ------ 60psc/ctn 45x38x29cm 10Kg
        003 163mm Big-chip LED ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ 60psc/ctn 45x38x39cm 12Kg
        033RC 160mm Big-chip LED 100Lm/W 2/3AA Ni-CAD 800mAh 5 D 1.5 h 10 h 60psc/ctn 45x38x38cm 17Kg
        034RC 165mm Straw hat type LED 7Lm/20mA 2/3AA Ni-CAD 800mAh 5 D 3 h 10 h 60psc/ctn 45x38x39cm 17Kg
        035 167mm Straw hat type LED 7Lm/20mA 2/3AA Ni-CAD 800mAh 5 D 2.5 h 16 h 60psc/ctn 45x38x40cm 16Kg