• Name: Classic 360-Angle Rechargeable Emergency Lantern
        • Model: WEL-911(LED)

        1. Elegant and streamline appearance design, and high-temperature resistant plastic case.
        2. Overcharge and overdischarge protection design can prolong the service life of the batteries.
        3. LEDs are used as lighting source, and are energy-saving and long-life.
        4. LED charging indicator.
        Main Technical Index:
        AC Charging Voltage: 220-240~50/60Hz
        Battery Capacity: 4V 5Ah
        Charging Time: 14-16h
        Continuous Work Time: About 7h
        Specification of Light Source: 20 high-power LEDs



        Product Name Model L or H Light Source Light Source Battery Capacity, Number Continuous use time Charging Time Packing Number Packing Box Dimensions GW
        Classic 360-Angle Rechargeable Emergency 911 270mm Straw Hat LED 5630x7 Lead-acid Battery 4V 5Ah 1 D 6-12 h 14 h 8pcs/ctn 63x37x30cm 16Kg
        912 270mm SMT LED 3014x50 Lead-acid Battery 4V 5Ah 1 D 5-10 h 14 h 8pcs/ctn 63x37x30cm 16Kg
        914 300mm SMT LED 3014x70 Lead-acid Battery 4V 5Ah 1 D 4-8 h 14 h 8pcs/ctn 63x37x33cm 16Kg
        915 350mm SMT LED 3014x100 Lead-acid Battery 4V 5Ah 1 D 3-6 h 14 h 6pcs/ctn 63x37x40cm 17Kg