• Name: Explosion-proof Plastic Rechargeable Flashlight
        • Model: WSL-718

        Application Range:
        When in hard light, the product is brighter than the ordinary dry-battery flashlight. Use lithium-ion high-capacity rechargeable battery, charging and discharging more than 400 times. Applicable to household, vehicles and traveling.

        1. Super bright, long rang and easy carrying.
        2. Ultra-hard light, ultra-remote illumination, long service life, and portability.
        3. Built-in high-capacity Lithium-ion battery, charge and play, with no need of dry battery.
        4. LED lighting function.
        5. Charging status light is red when charging.Fully charged is green
        6.  more convenient.

        Technical Parameters: 
        1.Charging input voltage: 100-220 50Hz/60Hz
        2.Charging time: 6-7 hours (when battery is totally discharged)
        3.Continuous discharge time: hard light 3.5 hours, normal light 7 hours
        4.Built-in battery: 1 pc 18650 lithium-ion battery, charging more than 400 times.
        5.Light source: Cree high-power hard light LED, with service life up to 50,000 hours
        6.Can be adjusted angle, more convenient when using


        Product Name Model L or H Light Source Light Source
        Battery Capacity, Number Continuous use time Charging Time Packing Number Packing Box Dimensions GW
        LED Plastic Proof Rechargeable Flashlight 711 165mm CREE LED 100Lm/W Lithium-ion 18500 1D 3.5-5 h 4 h 30psc/ctn 37.1x29.4x37.8cm 8Kg 
        713 185mm CREE LED 100Lm/W Lithium-ion 18650 1D 4-8h 6-7h 30psc/ctn  40.7x31.4x39.7cm  9.5Kg
        716 165mm CREE LED 100Lm/W Lithium-ion 18650 1D 2.5-10h 4 h 30pcs/ctn 37.1x29.4x37.8cm 8Kg
        718 180mm CREE 100lm/W Lithium-ion 18650 1D 4-16h 6-7


        40.7x31.4x39.7cm 9.5Kg
        721 195mm CREE LED 100Lm/W AA Ni-CAD 800mAh 3 D 2-4 h 12 h 30psc/ctn 51x22x45cm 10Kg
        722 195mm CREE LED 100Lm/W AA Ni-CAD 800mAh 3 D 2-4 h 12 h 30psc/ctn 51x22x45cm 10Kg