• Name: Renovation Rechargeable Emergency Lantern
  • Model: WEL-621

A commonly-used lighting tool for public security, nursing, home emergent lighting, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities.
1. Elegant and streamline appearance design, and high-temperature resistant plastic case.
2. Overcharge and overdischarge protection design can prolong the service life of the batteries.
3. Use Function of Lamp: Hard light and common light.
4. LEDs are used as lighting source, and are energy-saving and long-life.
5. Emergency Function: After being connected with  power, lamp can be automatically lit when the power fails.
6. LED charging indicator.
Main Technical Index:
A. Lantern
    1. Power Input Voltage(AC)
        100-240V~50/60Hz 50mA
    2. Charge Time: approx.14-16hrs
B. Solar Panel
    1. Power Output Voltage In Solar Panel: 5.5v 370mA (when sunlight is 100uw/cm2)
    2. Charge Time: approx.8-10 hrs
C. Lighting Source: 20 pcs Super Bright LED
D. Battery used: 3pcs. 1.2V 800mAh Ni-Cd Rechargeable Batteries.
E.  Discharge Time:
     Strong Light: 20 LED on 2.5 hrs
     Normal Light: 10 LED on 5 hrs.
F. Luminous Flux:
    Strong Light: 140 Lm
    Normal Light: 70Lm


Product Name Model L or H Light Source Light Source Battery Capacity, Number Continuous use time Charging Time Packing Number Packing Box Dimensions GW
Portable  Lantern
621 200mm Hat type LED 7Lm/20mA AA Ni-Cd Battery 800mAh x 3 2.5-5 h 14 h 20set/ctn 49x34x24cm 14Kg
622 270mm Hat type LED 7Lm/20mA AA Ni-Cd Battery 800mAh x 6 3.5-7 h 16 h 20set/ctn 49x34x30cm 17Kg
651 126mm SMD LED 22PCS LEDs (22Lm/PC) Li-ion Battery 2000mAh x 2 7-28 h 10 h 18set/ctn 48.8x45x38.3cm 20Kg
652 149mm SMD LED 35PCS LEDs (12Lm/PC) Li-ion Battery 2000mAh x 2 7-28 h 10 h 18set/ctn 58.1x48.8x38.3cm 25Kg
927 200mm 草帽LED 7Lm/20mA Lead-acid 4V5Ah 8-22 h 14-16 h 8set/ctn 67.2x33x28.9 17kg
929 260mm 草帽LED 7Lm/20mA Lead-acid 4V5Ah 5-15 h 14-16 h 8set/ctn 66.2x38.3x31.2 19Kg