• Name: Rechargeable Emergency Energy-saving Fan
        • Model: WFN-501

        Function and Characteristic
        ● AC/DC for Emergency
        When the voltage passes through power grid, a fan motor is powered up by AC; when the power is off, the fan motor is powered up by built-in batteries for emergency, AC and DC emergency can automatically switch.
        ● Stepless Speed Regulation
        Special stepless speed regulation design can realize continuous regulation of air amount.
        ● Rechargeable
        Build in rechargeable battery and charger
        ● High Efficiency and Energy Conservation
        Special motor design and motor drive can improve conversion efficiency three times, with 7.2W power supply and rotational speed of 1800r/min. It saves energy 3 times compared with a common motor with 25W power supply at the same speed.
        ● Mute, No Interference
        Brushless motor design has no carbon brush contact, ignition interference and mechanical noise.
        ● Long Service Life
        Brushless motor design prolongs the service life of motor infinitely, while the service life of brush motor commonly is 5000 times.
        ● Oscillating Design 
        Increase blowing area, suitable for small groups.
        ● Overcharge and Overdischarge Protection
        Overcharge and overdischarge protection design can make charging safe and protect from overdischarge, thereby prolonging the service life over three times. In charging, the main charging circuit is turned off and changed to trickle charge when the voltage of the battery is increased to 8.0V. In discharging, the discharge circuit is turned off when the voltage of the battery is decreased to 4.5V.
        ● Automatic Charging in AC Operation
         Fan can charge the battery when it operates under AC power grid.
        ● LED Work Indicator and Charging Indicator
        Main Technical Index
        1. Input: AC 230V~ 50Hz, 17W
        2. Output Voltage: DC6.3V
        3. Output Current: 1200mA
        4. Built-in Battery: 6V4.5Ah maintenance-free lead-acid battery
        5. Charging Time: 10-12h (when fan does not work)
        6. Continuous Discharge Time: the least is 4h (the air amount is the largest all the way), 10h at most (continuously under the smallest air amount).
        Packing Specification: 4pcs/carton