• Name: Security Explosion-Proof Flashlight
        • Model: WFL-D4L

        Application Range:
        Suitable for security and labor protection in fire control, mine and industrial units, enterprises and public institutions, and safeguard of villa, manors and plants, a top choice for house and home, vehicles, travel as well as wild emergency lighting.
        1) Strong light and focusing.
        2) Aluminum alloy torch body processed by CNC machine tool is accurate and attractive.
        3) Airtight rainproof electric torch design.
        4) LED adopts DC/DC constant-current constant-voltage control lines with high efficiency.
        5) LED service life is 50,000h.
        6) This product possesses Certificate of Conformity for Explosive Products with No. CNEx 09.1192.


        Product Name Model L or H Light Source Light Source
        Battery Capacity, Number Continuous use time Charging Time Packing Number Packing Box Dimensions GW
        LED Highlight Safeguard Flashlight D2L 240mm High-power LED 100Lm/W AA Ni-CAD 2 D Type Dry Batteries ------ 4 h 30 psc/box 42.4x28.4x35.3cm 13Kg
        D3L 300mm High-power LED 100Lm/W AA Ni-CAD 3 D Type Dry Batteries ------ 4 h 30 psc/box 42.4x34.4x35.3cm 14Kg
        D4L 360mm High-power LED 100Lm/W AA Ni-CAD 4 D Type Dry Batteries ------ 5 h 30 psc/box 42.4x40.4x35.3cm 15Kg