• Name: 250mAX4-Slot Quick Charger
        • Model: WQC-715

        Function and Characteristic
        General power supply AC90-240V
        Switching power supply mode
        Charging control mode—Voltage detection
        Independent charging and monitoring for single battery
        Independent indicator for battery charging state
        Trickle charge
        Battery overvoltage protection
        Battery open-circuit protection
        Battery short-circuit current limit protection

        Charging Indicator
        Power Indicator—Red LED is normally on.
        Charging indicator for four batteries is indicated by LEDs singly.
        Charging Indicator LED is off when batteries are unavailable.
        Charging—Charging indicator LED is normally on.
        After Charging—Charging Indicator LED is off.

        Charging Current
        Quick Charging Current –4*250mA
        Trickle Charging Current—4*50m

        Applicable Battery and Charging Time
        Type Specification Capacity Charging Time(about min)
        1pcs 2pcs 3pcs 4pcs
        NI-MH AA 2500mAH 200 200 300 400
        AA 2000mAH 160 160 240 320
        AA 1600mAH 128 128 192 256
        AA 1400mAH 112 112 168 224
        AAA 750mAH 108 108    
        AAA 650mAH 94 94    
        NI-cd AA 1100mAH 82-120 82-120 126-160 168-210
        AA 650mAH 50-90 50-90 75-120 100-150