• Name: Popular Ni-Cd Rechargeable Flashlight
        • Model: T00

        Application Range:
        A fashionable device for house, vehicle, travel and field emergency lighting.
        Product Characteristics:
        1. High power LED taken as a light source with a service life as long as 50,000 hours;
        2. One level light source;
        3. Rechargeable high volume Ni-Cd battery;
        4. Machined by an NC machine tool, high accuracy and good appearance;
        5. Surface polishing and color anodizing for corrosion prevention
        6. Resistance to rain and shock
        7. Household charger available
        8. Sling available for easy carrying

        Technical Indicators
        Battery Capacity: Two 1000mAH AA type Ni-Cd rechargeable battery
        Light Source: High illumination single-chip high power LED
        Input Voltage for Charging: 220-240V-50/60Hz (household use)
        Charging Time: 10 hours (household use)
        Continuous Discharge Time: 1.5 hours


        Product Name Model L or H Light Source Light Source
        Battery Capacity, Number Continuous use time Charging Time Packing Number Packing Box Dimensions GW
        LED Strong Light General Type Rechargeable Electric Torch T00 205mm High-power LED 100Lm/W AA Ni-CAD 1000mAh 2D 1.5 h 10 h 30 pcs/box 47.7x45.2x32.9cm 15.3Kg
        T01 227mm High-power LED 100Lm/W  SC Ni-CAD 1500mAh 2D 2 h 10 h 30 pcs/box 51.5x45.2x32.9cm 21.2Kg
        T02 245mm High-power LED 100Lm/W C Ni-CAD 2500mAh 2D 2.5 h 12 h 30 pcs/box 54.8x47.9x35.5cm 25Kg
        T03 278mm High-power LED 100Lm/W SC Ni-CAD 1500mAh 3D 2-4 h 10 h 30 pcs/box 60.3x45.2x32.8cm 23Kg
        T04 303mm High-power LED 100Lm/W C Ni-CAD 2500mAh 3D 3-6 h 12 h 20 pcs/box 63.7x32x35.4cm 19Kg
        T05 335mm High-power LED 100Lm/W C Ni-CAD 2500mAh 3D 3-6 h 12 h 20 pcs/box 63.7x37.3x35.4cm 23Kg