• Name: Tricolor Non Flicker Eye-shield Energy-saving Lamp Tube
        • Model: 5w-7w-9w-11w

        Application: Applicable to searchlight and emergent energy-saving hand lamp.
        1. 5w-804.805 spotlight;
        7w-901.906 emergent energy-saving hand lamp;
        9w-904.907 emergent energy-saving hand lamp;
        11w-905.908 emergent energy-saving hand lamp.
        2. As adopting rare earth tricolor powder as fluorescent powder, it improves luminosity by over 50% and color rendering index over 80% compared with a common magnesium chloride, and especially suitable for reading, writing and protecting eyes.
        3. Suction plastic suspended card type packing and combined packing (1pcs/box, card).