• Name: Quick Electric Heating Kettle
        • Model: WCK-165

        Application: Household, office and shops
        1. High-quality temperature controller, automatic power-off after boiling, reliable work and long service life.
        2. 2000W high-power high efficiency design, quick heating, time saving and energy conservation.
        3. Stainless steel electric hot tray for heating is sanitary and easy to clean.
        4. The split design, 360-degree rotation of kettle body, free alignment in placement, and extremely convenient use.
        5. Automatic power-off after boiling, accurate control
        6. Dry burning protection can ensure safety and reliability
        7. Polished stainless steel kettle body has long-lasting bright appearance. 
        8. 1.5L large capacity.
        Power 2000W, capacity 1.5L
        Packing Specification: 12pcs/carton