• Name: Two-AA Reassured Electric Core
        • Model: WBC-G2

        Two-AA electric core, consisting of two 800mAh AA rechargeable batteries, is embedded with charging protective circuit and a charging indicator light; when the electric core is under charging, the indicator light is red.
        Five Characteristics
        ● The dimension of the electric core is the same as the combined dimension of two-AA batteries, and is equipped with a charger convenient for use.
        ● Eco-friendly high-capacity rechargeable batteries can be repeatedly used over 400 times, and its service life is long.
        ● The use effect after charged twice is equal to the capacity of two dry batteries, thereby greatly saving the cost.
        ● The application is wide to electric apparatuses which use dry battery, and is especially suitable for electric torch. It can be charged in daytime and used at nights, no needing to buy dry batteries.
        ● It can be used by matching with WFL-D2 and WFL-D2L aluminum alloy hard-light LED electric torches.
        (1) Build-in two AA 800mAh rechargeable batteries;
        (2) Input Voltage: 220V~ 50Hz;
        (3) Charging Time: 12h;
        (4) Output Voltage: 2.4V